431 Suburban Highway

kvish mahir

Highway 431 opened for traffic as a suburban motorway-a latitudinal road linking Highway No. 20 (Ayalon Highways South) in the west with Highway No. 1 (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv) to Modiin in the east, leading from Rishon LeZion and Ramle in the west.

The road is 22 km long and contains 12 interchanges.

MATAN drew up the detailed routing, traffic sign and signposting design for the entire road, and planned temporary traffic layouts to enable work to proceed by erecting bridges and setting up diversions and traffic signal systems at the intersections along the road.

Temporary traffic layouts were planned on high traffic national highways (40, 4, 1) and set up while maintaining a high grade of service on the roads in question. As part of the work we attended to the interface between the highway control systems, including cameras, detectors, and electronic signs.