Traffic & Transportation Engineering LTD.

Traffic & Transportation Engineering LTD.

About Us

  • MATAN Traffic & Transportation Engineering Ltd was founded in 1971 and has provided planning and design services to clients in Israel and abroad ever since.

  • MATAN puts professionalism, adherence to project schedules and customer service at the top of its list of priorities

  • MATAN’s projects are varied and range from planning complete transportation systems for new cities to designing parking garage for a small shopping center.

  • MATAN’s long list of projects includes the design of road systems for new towns and new developments, urban traffic patterns, intersections,LRT and BRT systems, interchanges, and traffic control  systems.


Our Services


Master Plans

  • City abs Town Master plans

  • Neighborhoods (new and urban renewal)

  • Army Camps

  • Hospital Campuses

  • Univercity and Colledge Campuses

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Traffic Planning and Design

  • Rural roads, intersections 

  • Urban streets

  • Junctions, roundabouts

  • Interchanges

  • Traffic signing design for streets and highways

Parking Garages and Parking Lots

  • Residential, Office and Retail underground parking garages and open air parking lots

  • Loading/unloading zones

  • Traffic arrangements for Garbage Disposal and Emergency Services

  • Bus Terminals/ Central Bus Stations (open air and underground)

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Mass Transit Projects

  • LRT

  • BRT

  • Specialized Bus Lanes


  • Rapid Lane Bus City Entrances (MAHIR LA-IR)

Temporary Traffic Arrangements

  • Relocation of infrastructures for future LRT projects

  • Temporary traffic arrangements during construction 

  • Temporary traffic arrangements for implementation phases of transportation projects

Traffic Sign

Traffic Control

  • Traffic Signals

  • Traffic Simulations

  • Green Waves

  • Priority Systems for Mass Transit Project

General Consultancy

  • Government Institutions

  • Municipalities

  • Road 6

  • Guidelines for Ministry of Transportation

Recent  Projects

Jerusalem first LRT line

Jerusalem first LRT line

The project entailed planning a 14 km LRT route along Jerusalem’s main streets, constituting an important element of the city’s mass transit system.

Tel Aviv LRT/Metro line

Tel Aviv LRT/Metro line

The project entailed planning a 22 km LRT route  including an underground segment 11 km long.

Route 431 Highway

Route 431 Highway

Highway 431 opened for traffic as a suburban motorway-a latitudinal road that is 22 km long and contains 12 interchanges.

 3700 North-West Tel Aviv City Plan

3700 North-West Tel Aviv City Plan

The project located in the open areas of the north-west part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


Our Team

MATAN Traffic & Transportation Engineering Ltd has a team of twenty engineers, engineering technicians, and administrative staff.


The Team consists of senior engineers and young innovative engineers who produce the best possible solutions for our clients.

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MATAN's partial list of clients

Our Clients

  • Government Ministries

  • Local Municipalities and Public Authorities

  • Public and Private Institutions

  • Developers and Contractors

Contact Us

20 Beit Hillel
Tel Aviv, Israel 6701700

Tel: 972-3-5625919

Fax: 972-3-5625918


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